It’s that time of year again!

When I look back at this semester, it surprises me how quickly it has actually gone. Don’t get me wrong, at the time (especially around week 7) I thought I was never going to come out alive! Now that we are getting to the end, however, I can look back and understand the topics we have covered to a greater extent, as I feel they have broadened my knowledge on international media.

Blogging has been a fairly big part of all my semesters doing this course, and I am really starting to enjoy and appreciate the usefulness and (something) that it can offer. Throughout the semester, we have covered a range of topics relating to international media and communication, which has ranged from supporting internationalising education to the climate change debate. Within all of these topics, however, comes about the term ‘globalisation’. This term is used a lot when in regards to international studies, and I feel now I have become more informed and educated about the concept of globalisation, and how it is affecting our world in both positive and negative ways.

Another concept I have enjoyed exploring further was the climate change debate. It is a term that I hear regularly, however having the chance to research and read further into it has given me a greater understanding of the importance that the media has to our learning about the topic. It is impossible to understand these climate change issues purely on our own individual experience, and it could be years before we determine how best to support this changing environment.

Throughout studying in this course, I have begun to look further into these topics unintentionally within the outside world. It has given my a broader understanding of international media studies, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the semester.