The future of journalism

We all know that traditional forms of journalism are slowly declining, with the increase of many new media platforms. Does this mean, however, that journalism itself is on the way out as well? In an interview with David Carr from the New York Times, he looked at where he thinks the future of journalism is heading, and suggests that maybe it’s future isn’t as bleak as we all might think.

Carr believes that in previous decades, the amount of information and resources that journalists had access to was very minimal compared to what they have available now. Andy Lack, from Bloomberg Media, was also in the conversation, where he stated, in regards to consumers, ‘The amount of things they can do, see, access, read, think about, watch… we didn’t quite have that diversity’. Journalism is seen to be evolving and changing in many ways, which I think reflects a positive outcome for the industry (Boston University, 2014).

In a recent TED Talk, Tom Rosenstiel, the Director of the American Press Institute, also discussed this notion of new media and user generated content and what it means for the future of journalism. He believes that ‘people have access to more news’ and that ‘the audience will determine the future of news’. This implies that people no longer need to access news via traditional means, such as newspapers. An important point that Rosenstiel had was that, ‘Today news is on demand; we can get the news we want, when we want it. We are in control of our own learning’. This was not something that was accessible to consumers before; this is a new and ever changing concept, which I think makes this industry even more thriving and exciting (TEDx Talks, 2013).

Both these clips showed valuable insights into the future of journalism in similar, yet different ways. The journalism industry is evolving in more ways than we know, and faster than anyone can keep up. This may mean that traditional forms of media are declining; yes. However I don’t think it means the industry itself is declining, I just think we need to learn to keep up and progress with it in order for the industry to succeed.


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TEDx Talks 2013, The Future of Journalism: Tom Rosenstiel at TEDxAtlanta, online video, 28 May, TEDx, viewed 18 March 2014, <>


One thought on “The future of journalism

  1. Both Tom Rosenstiel and David Carr made great points and arguments about the future of Journalism. I however, agree with you, both points are valid but the industry itself is not declining it’s just changing and adapting to the new forms of media. In order for it to thrive and succeed we as consumers and them, as professional journalists need to adapt and keep up with the ever evolving industry.

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